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One night in Tokai!

As we near the final stretch, we had the most amazing dinner last night, with our friends at Tokai University.  It included fresh (I mean still moving) lobster and abalone.  It also included the local Ukai steak cooked on a teppanyake grill (what we know as Hibatchi style).  Earlier in the day we saw the Odawara castle, where we had the opportunity to dress as ninjas and samurai.  Great pics for the family (see below).  Today, we were able to observe 4 excellent surgeries, including a marvelous resection of a C2 schwannoma.  They made it look easy!  One more night and then off to Chiba for final stop on this fellowship.  Man what a night!


Kyoto – We have Arrived at the Imperial City

On a wonderful break from academic experiences, our gracious hosts at Shiga University of Medical Science have arranged for us to spend the weekend in Kyoto.  Today we toured the Kyomizu and Golden Temples (photo attached).  They were amazing.  MUST SEES!  IMG_1966There was great souvenir shopping near Kyomizu.  We also tried the local favorite rice dessert on a stick and a glass of iced green tea.  Off to a wonderful dinner.  As we enter our third and final week, we have made memories that will last a lifetime and still have 1 more week to go!

May 20

In the morning, we observed total hip arthroplasty. In the afternoon, we visited a local Buddhist temple and ninja museum where everybody tried to be a ninja of the feudal era.


Shiga University

After arriving in Shiga University, we observed surgery (tibial tumor excision with medial gastrocnemius flap and reverse total shoulder arthroplasty), delivered our presentations, and had a wonderful dinner at the home of the department chair, Dr. Imai.  We had the chance to get to know his family, eat an extraordinary home-cooked meal, and discuss the state of affairs of the Japanese and American healthcare systems.

The following day, we observed surgery (total hip arthroplasty) and visited a Buddhist temple that was over 1,000 years old.  After a day off for travel, we will begin our visit to the University of Toyama.

IMG_1710 IMG_1841

Mie University

IMG_2301Today, we joined the Mie University faculty in clinic as they saw patients, taught medical students, and engaged us in dialogue. We had an outstanding discussion with the faculty during Indications Conference, and we shared our diagnostic/treatment philosophies. We ended the day with a wonderful dinner during which we fostered collaborations while enjoying delicious Matsusaka beef.

May 16 – Moving on after the JOA

Faster than a speeding bullet, the JOA 2016 fellows are off from Yokohama, host city for the 89th Annual JOA meeting, and onto Mie University in the Mie Prefecture, which will also be host to the upcoming G7 Summit.  This is our first bullet train ride.  The JOA meeting was over the top!  Great talks, great hospitality and great food!!!  The JOA has definitely got it right when it comes to hosting a meeting.


Bullet train

May 15

“Free” day today. We are all gearing up for the trip ahead with multiple stops along the way.