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Dinner at the casino in Essen is the day you

This restaurant was the place where the coal Miners used to change their clothes – looks a little different now.

Sampling the local beer – as we have in every city so far. All have been different, but all have been great.

Heading back to the chateau for our last night before Aachen tomorrow.


The morning was fantastic. We got a tour of the university Klinik and went to morning conference. We got set to scrub in on a conformis TKA following conference – and then a nice tour of the helipad.

Viennese Waltz

We started our morning in Vienna with wake up bells from St Stephen’s cathedral which is just around the corner from our hotel. Then off to Spital Speising

This is an Orthopaedic specialty hospital from the 19 th century.

We were treated to a scientific session from the research labs based at the hospital and met one of the few female orthopedic surgeons from Jordan who is here to master arthroscopic treatments in the shoulder.

A tour of the gait lab was followed by a treat for Susan in the OR with Dr Farr as he did an index pollicization.

After lunch we had some free time to roam Vienna. In the evening,ASG fellows Phillip Funovics and Catharina Chiari (yes that Chiari family) took us to a Mozart concert in the grand Viennese concert hall .

Food, wine, culture, and Orthopedics. Quite a nice day.

Dinner with Uncle

We are at Christophe Zilkens’ UNCLE’s house/vineyard in Filzen. This place is ridiculous. And I love the fact that Uncle doesn’t even need a real name – he just goes by UNCLE.

And here is uncle and I.


Just getting to Trier. Awesome place – very Nice views from the room.

But to be honest, we are happy to have a few hours of down time to catch up on work, rest and talking to family. It has been an incredible week, but definitely exhausting. Only a little while Before heading to another dinner and wine from the Moselle River.

Professor Meurer’s Team

Professor Meurer runs an impressive institution with a tremendous amount of history. Her predecessors were Dr. Ludloff, Dr. Hohmann and Dr. Hoffa – not a bad lineage. We spent the morning with her in the conference room reviewing some very challenging revision cases. We then got a tour of the clinical facilities, Orthopaedic museum and the lab space. We finished the day with a short symposium.

Unfortunately – it has been raining all day and the Cabs are on strike. Thankfully, Professor Meurer’s assistants husband drove us to the train station so we could head to Trier.

Frankfurt Dinner

After sitting at the train station for 1.5 hours, we finally found out that we were staying at the Intercontinental Hotel. We dropped our bags and headed to dinner – we were about 2 hrs late. Although the walk to dinner was fantastic and dinner with the Frankfurt team was excellent.